DIY Gouache Wall Art

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I have been experimenting with gouache paint after watching Dylan M’s “Getting to Know Your Paint” Skillshare course, which I highly recommended. 

Gouache is similar to watercolor, but has more pigment so can be more opaque, but you can also water it down to look like watercolor. Since this was just basic brush strokes, watercolor or acrylic paint would work well too, but acrylic can’t be watered down to create the gradient effect.


This was a really quick project since the paintings are so simple, and I am happy to have art with custom colors that fits the rest of the decor and the large wall. Finding something to work on this wall was tricky since it has multiple places art could go, but it’s also just one big space. Art for above the fireplace is TBD, but I think these DIY painting fit the space well enough to not look weird next to whatever we find to put there.

There is not much of a “how-to”, partly because it is so simple, but also because I forgot to take photos of the process 🙂

First, I took the mat from the frame and placed it over the paper and VERY lightly traced onto the paper with a pencil to see clearly where the mat would cover. 

Next, I mixed some colors and painted on the paper with vertical brush stokes. When it was time to add more paint to the brush, I mixed in a bit more water to create a gradient effect.

Once the paintings were dry, I framed them, and hung them on the wall with command strips. Easy!


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Frames: Black aluminum frames.* I used 11×14.
Paint: Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache.* Any gouache or watercolor paint would work. Acrylic would work, but it would be a more uniform color finish.
Brush: Flat 3/4-inch Brush.* I used this one from a set. Any flat brush should work well.
Paper: Canson XL 11×15 Watercolor Paper*

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