Mid-century Kitchen Remodel

Our Ikea/Semihandmade kitchen is complete! I could (and probably will) write ten posts detailing this long, mostly DIY process. For this post I’m keeping it high-level.

Our floor plan is pretty open, so the kitchen is visible from most places in our house. We tried to somewhat match the era of the house with a mid-century modern design, but we were pretty broad in our definition of mid-century modern and didn’t worry about it being exactly “accurate”. We’re so happy with the end result!

The kitchen wasn’t awful before, but it definitely was dark compared to the rest of the house. It’s not pictured here, but the fridge created a pretty narrow walkway to get through to the bedrooms and entry way. There was also a lot of water damage and mold on the sink wall and cabinets.

Our cabinet boxes and the white upper doors are all Ikea, and the walnut doors, filler pieces, and side panels are from Semihandmade.

We also used Inspired Kitchen Design to help us plan. That was well worth it. We constantly referenced the plan they created for us, and it made ordering exactly what we needed from Ikea and Semihandmade so much easier.

It was challenging (with my limited camera skills) to get a bright enough picture that didn’t wash out the colors, but the sink photo above is closest to how the tile looks in real life. It is 2×4 tile from Fireclay Tile in Lichen. The counters are Hanex Solid Surface in Neowhite.

Around the oven, you can see the white cabinet boxes. I added an iron-on walnut veneer strip and added a very thin coat of shellac. Now the visible parts of the cabinet boxes match the doors:


Cabinet boxes: IKEA Sektion System

Walnut doors and panels: Semihandmade Walnut

White upper doors: IKEA Ringhult Glossy White

Cabinet hardware: Rejuvenation Round Dish Cabinet Knobs and Rejuvenation Sharp Arch Drawer Pulls

Tile: Fireclay 2×4 tile in Lichen

Counter: Hanex Neowhite Solid Surface (ordered and installed through a local counter installer)

Sink: Miseno undermount sink

Faucet: Miseno Mia Faucet

Floor: Armstrong Vinyl Composite tile in Cool White. Note: we love the look of this tile, but are choosing a new floor due to our not-so-great DIY install 🙁 

Welcome to Rambler Renovation!

My name is Kristen and I love mid-century homes, especially ranches (aka “ramblers”). My husband and I purchased our 1955 ranch in 2021 and we are on a mission to bring back the mid-century charm.

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