More Breeze Blocks

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Breeze blocks are not weight-bearing, and are not meant for structural walls. We are not professional masons, and are not experts in building walls. If you build a breeze block wall, your exact structure, process, and materials will depend on your unique situation. If in doubt, contact a professional.

More breeze blocks! After the success of our painted Palm Springs Style Breeze Block Wall, we built two more on the side of our house. One to hide the AC unit, and one to create a space for trash cans.

We also added some yuccas and sedums in front, a shrub between the walls, and moved the lonely shrub that was there to a new location. We put in a paver path along the side, and a pad of pavers for the trashcans to sit on.

Originally we planned to do a poured concrete pad for the trashcans, but it was too big of a job to pour ourselves and too small of a job for a professional. The smallest amount we could have had poured by a pro was about twice what we needed.

Instead, we decided to only pour the base of the blocks, and then add pea gravel and 16×16-inch pavers from Lowe’s.

Here is the dug out area (top) and concrete base with gravel ready for pavers (bottom).

If I paint them, I will do yellow interiors to match the front door, but at this point I am leaning toward not painting them. The cement color matches the stone well, and it is pretty impossible (at least for me) to paint the insides without getting a ton of paint on the front that would then need to be painted over.

I think we have run out of places to put breeze block walls for now.

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More Breeze Blocks

More breeze blocks! After the success of our painted Palm Springs Style Breeze Block Wall, we built two more on the side of our house.