Not-So-Mellow Yellow Front Door

So far this has been THE most impactful house project. The bright yellow door changes the look of the entire house and makes it feel so much more modern.

Before & After:

Besides the new door and hardware, we also replaced the doorbell with a fun starburst. Originally we wanted to do a starburst escutcheon (the plate behind the doorknob that I have no idea how to pronounce), but I was nervous about the sizing. Based on our measurements, the top point would have been VERY close to the deadbolt lock.


MMI Door – Viola Prehung Door from Home Depot
They have a lot of different window shapes, and variety of colors. We opted to paint our own door instead of buying the yellow door. The yellow color wasn’t exactly what we wanted, and cost about $150 more.

Valspar Exterior Paint in Chickadee
If you paint your door, learn from my mistake: don’t use thick coats. Multiple thin coats will dry much, much faster than a thick coat. Even after it is dry to the touch, paint can take up to 30 days to fully dry. This isn’t a problem on walls, but a door is in contact with the door frame when closed, so it could ruin the paint. The fifteen minutes I saved by doing 2 thick coats instead of 3-4 thin ones meant we ended up waiting almost the full 30 days before it was ready to hang. It was dry to the touch very quickly, but was still “dent-able.”

Rejuvenation Mid-Century Star Doorbell Button

Door Hardware
Kwikset Pismo Set in Satin Nickel

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